Mickey Mouse Plastic Drink Coaster Set

The thing about decorative drink coasters is that you almost hate to use them! They look so nice, and you don’t want to have them stained or broken.

Well, problem solved. I bring you the Mickey Mouse plastic drink coaster set:

I have other coaster sets that simply stack on top of each other, but this set comes with its own holder to keep the four coasters together when not in use.

Each coaster in this set is identical except for the colour. We have:

This set was released in 1975 which makes it a whopping 47 years old at the point of the publishing of this post!

Good old Walt Disney Productions only had about 10 years left after copyrighting this set. Let’s end with a nice shot of the coasters all spread out:

For more fun with Mickey on coaters, check out my previous post featuring everyone’s favorite mouse, but with his whole body this time. Mickey Mouse ‘Through the Years’ Coasters is sure to please!

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