Route 66 Opoly Game by Masterpieces Inc.

Although I collect vintage games, I’m not really a big game player. I love the graphics and game boards. And if the game has interesting game pieces, like Monopoly, then I’m all in!

I also collect more modern board games like this Route 66 Opoly game by Masterpieces, Inc.

Monopoly has released many versions of its iconic game over the years. When I saw this one featuring my dream vacation, a drive down classic Route 66, I just had to have it!

The game board does not disappoint! It has many of the most iconic locations you can still find along the Mother Road, as well as some that have fallen to the sands of the desert they were built in. I’ve added ‘Vacation Planning’ to the tags for this post because I believe that playing this game could be a great way to plan what you would want to see along the way from Chicago to Los Angelos. Or from Los Angelos to Chicago, whichever direction suits your fancy!

The instructions are pretty much the same as for any Monopoly game. So, your family should be able to sit down and get right into the fun without much preamble.

Property Cards

Each Property Card has the name and State of each attraction along Route 66 that you can ‘buy’. The front of the cards also have a nice picture of the main things to see there. On the back of each card, you will find more sights listed from that location as well as a map showing where along the Route you are.

I’ve picked out two main Property Cards to show you: Chicago, IL where Route 66 begins, and Santa Monica, CA where Route 66 ends.

Masterpieces Inc. is a current company still producing games and puzzles. If you click on ‘Games’ on their site, you will find Route 66 Opoly still available for just $29.99 US.

As I said, I love these games for the themed tokens! And check out that gorgeous money! But the best part of all are the game pieces:

I love Airstream trailers! Likely that would be my pick to represent me in the game. But a jukebox or milkshake to represent the many diners along Route 66 would also be awesome. Or a motorcycle to represent traveling on the open road. Or the Cadillac or dinosaur to represent the Kitschy roadside attractions. You really can’t lose no matter which one you choose!

The rest of the cards are a lot of fun to read. You can learn even more about Route 66 with each draw on your turn.

Back of Game Box

The 1960-64 television series called Route 66 featured a red Corvette, so I expected to see one on the packaging of this game. But instead, we have a variety of iconic muscle cars. I can live with that!

The goal of Route 66 Opoly is to collect the most properties to win. But I think just playing such a fun game makes everyone a winner!

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