Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Plush Backpack

Most children have gone back to school as of the publishing of this post and perhaps some would love to have Buzz lightyear along for the bus ride! Sporting his signature grin, everyone’s favorite Space Cadet (“I believe the word you’re looking for is ‘Space Ranger‘”) is pumped to visit any edifice of education.

I picked this backpack up at a local Charity Shop for around $15.00 CAN. I believe they are fairly hard to find and so much more valuable to the Disney collector than that price would reflect.

Space is vast and perfect for going to infinity and beyond, but don’t expect that much cargo capacity in Buzz’s pouch!

A nice feature of this line of backpacks is the hard plastic face. Later versions were completely plush. I now have both Buzz and Woody in this earlier line. You can check out Buzz’s cowboy buddie by clicking the post entitled Toy Story Woody Plush Backpack.

When Buzz is stretched out on your back, he is a full 24″ tall. I’ve shown him below with Woody for comparison, who stretches out to be about 28″ tall:

Both Buzz and Woody were good sports about cooperating with the photo shoot for this post. It was a lot to ask of the pals as they are no doubt very busy preparing for Toy Story 15.

Just Chillin’

After the shoot was over, they took some time to relax and enjoy some friendship. Indeed, they are strange little men!

These backpacks were made in China by Calego. What began as a small leather goods company has become one of the world’s leading developers and distributors of luggage, travel bags and accessories. It’s well worth the click and a quick scroll to the bottom of their official site to read the ‘Our Storied History’ section.

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