Negatron Funko 2017 Summer Convention Exclusive

Who is Negatron? He looks just like Disney’s ‘Terror that flaps in the night’, Darkwing Duck. And for good reason. This greytone figure is the first character to be called Negaduck. While the second Negaduck was Darkwing’s evil twin from a parallel universe known as the Negaverse, this Negaduck, or Negatron, was a living manifestation of Darkwing’s evil side. He appears only in one episode of the television series.

This sculpt is identical to the one used for both the actual Darkwing Duck figure and the second character to be called Negaduck. You will see a picture of all three figures at the end of this post.

This exclusive figure was made for the San Diego Comic Con but was also released commercially afterwards. If this was a Comic Con release, it would have a sticker saying so. So, mine was designed for the event but it was not bought there.

Negatron is supposed to glow in the dark. While he does have flecks of paint that will give off a minimal luminescence, ‘glow’ many be overstating things. The surface of this figure is rougher than the other two figures because of the paint type.

I paid $35.00 CAN for this figure which is much more than I paid for either of the others below. But to complete my set, it was worth it!

If things go the way I think they are going to, Darkwing is soon to become the ‘Terrified One that gets beat up in the night!’

Fortunately for me, there are no other versions of Darkwing Duck to collect. Unless yet another alternate universe POPs up!

To see more of my Funko POP! figures, featuring Heroes and Villains, just click the link! I also have a Funko POP! plush of Darkwing Duck, of all things!

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