Pixar’s Brave: HotWheels Pizza Planet Truck

Brave is a 2012 animated movie by Pixar that I didn’t particularly care for. It came out during a time when Disney was doing Pixar-style movies and for some reason, Pixar decided to do a Disney movie. Funny enough, Disney pulled it off, but Pixar fell flat, in my opinion.

I hadn’t found any merchandise from Brave that appealed to me until I came across this Pizza Planet Truck:

It is painted to look like it was carved out of wood. In the film, an old woman is visited by the main character, Merida, who finds her carving The Thinker. But as you can see on the packaging below, there is a completed piece on the desk:

Yup, Pixar fits in another cameo of the Pizza Planet Truck in perhaps the most unlikely place yet: In Medieval Scotland!

I’m willing to let that go because it gave us one of the most awesome die cast vehicles of all time:

2018 Mattel

It even smells like pizza! No it doesn’t. But it should.

I have a more on model version of the Pizza Planet Truck that is patterned after the characters from another movie from Pixar, CARS. It is bigger than the usual ratio size because it is a premium issue. Oh, and remember, the Pizza Planet Truck is actually from yet another Pixar film, Toy Story. So, we now have three movies linked to this product. It’s exhausting trying to keep track of this truck!

I wonder if it’s too late to order pizza.

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