Walt Disney World ‘Lands’ Glass Coaster Set

Where would you like to go in Walt Disney World? Each ‘Land’ offers something unique and exciting to explore! But eventually, you have to go home (insert sad face here).

But Disney Merchandising has you covered with this Walt Disney World ‘Lands’ glass coaster set that you can use to remember all of those special experiences at the Magic Kingdom:

The only problem is: Which coaster do I use? I’d hate to show favoritism! But between you and me, I’d choose Adventureland.

Let’s have a closer look at each coaster in turn:

What, no Frontierland or Tomorrowland? Maybe there was a Glass Coaster Set 2.0 or something.

I like how the main glass is tinted so it makes the green and blue colours really pop!

For more fun with coasters, I have a single one cast in bronze that also features Walt Disney World and Mickey Mouse. Enjoy!

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