Toy Story 2 Handheld Pinball Game

Some merchandise is straight from Disney where they have complete control over every aspect of the production of the toy or game. Other times, they simply license a property to an outside company and sit back and take the money.

We have the latter here with this Toy Story (2) handheld pinball game:

Fun in the palm of your hand!

The first clue that Disney didn’t have much input into this toy is that it is branded as a Toy Story product when in fact it features characters from Toy Story 2.

However, the characters are ‘on model’, so some input must have happened.

No matter how many points you score, something good is going to happen! But who doesn’t want to save the Intergalactic Alliance?

I just know you’re wondering how high a score I can get! Well, let’s see:

Only 2,100 points!

At least I rescued Woody and his friends! This game was produced quite recently in 2016.

Schylling produces more than just games. Back in 2012, a Guest Blogger posted a pair of her vintage Mickey Mouse Posable Vinyl Dolls made by this company. Have a look!

I have a more vintage and much larger version of this iconic game. I featured it in an earlier post entitled Disneyland Pinball Game by Wolverine. Click on over and get your game on!

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