Disney’s Thumper Paperboard Thermometer

Time to turn up the heat this Autumn and see if we can’t break a sweat here at Disleelandia! And to help us measure just how hot it gets, we have Bambi’s little furry friend, Thumper:

This paperboard thermometer is a cute way to keep track of the temperature. It reads in Fahrenheit only. So, there’s no reading for no bunny who likes Celsius!

I think if the ambient temperature reached the highest level of 120 degrees on this thermometer, Thumper would burst into flames!

To see a more three-dimensional representation of Thumper (and his sisters) please click the link to our earlier post by Guest Blogger, Nick! It features some beautiful figurines from the Walt Disney Classics Collection.

FUN FACTS: Liquid crystal thermometers (which use thermochromic liquid crystals) are also used in mood rings.

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