Disney’s Piper Pig Vintage Ceramic Ash Tray

Of course, it would have to be vintage, wouldn’t it? Smoking has been banned in public places for decades, but back in the day, even in Disney Parks, it was perfectly fine to stroll around puffing on your favorite cancer stick!

And you could walk into just about any Disney gift store and buy yourself something like this Piper Pig ceramic ash tray:

Most stills from the 1933 theatrical Short The Three Little Pigs have Piper Pig wearing black and Fiddler Pig wearing the blue Sailer suit. Subsequent media interchanges the two pigs, swapping the instruments of the pipe and the violin between the two without any explanation. Maybe it was laundry day and Piper had to borrow his brother’s clothes?

You can clearly see from the design that this was definitely intended to provide both a place to hold your cigarette when not smoking it and to place the ashes.

I always felt that the merchandise that was created in the earlier days of Disney merchandising had more character. If you see ‘Made in Japan’ on the bottom of a piece, it usually means a good level of detail and craftsmanship.

Is that a flute or a really long cigar?

I love these smaller ceramic figures as they look amazing but don’t take up a lot of room on the display shelves.

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