The Disney Store Goofy’s Blow Pipe

You can always count on Goofy to be doing something, well… goofy! Today he swaps out his signature hat for a crown of sorts with this Disney Store blow pipe:

This would likely have been sold in the early days of The Disney Store. It opened its doors in 1987 and was well known and liked for the fun and wacky merchandise it sold!

So, what is Goofy blowing? It’s not a whistle. I almost blew my brains out confirming that! I think it’s safe to assume that it is a bubble blower. You can fill the pipe with soapy liquid through the mouthpiece and then blow. Tiny bubbles would then float out of Goofy’s new hat.

“Hyuck! Gurgle, Gurgle!”

This is only a theory however, as the holes are rather small. But with no other purpose being evident, it’s my best guess!

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