Foodie Friday: Walt Disney World Mugs

It’s time to sit back and relax with nice hot drink! What is your beverage of choice? Mine is coffee but I also drink a spot of tea now and then.

On this, another Foodie Friday, I thought I’d share two of my Walt Disney World mugs:

Both of these would have been sold in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida within the first ten years or so of its operation. The presence of the old ‘Disney D’ logo dates them from that time period.

First, we have Mickey Mouse standing in front of Cinderella Castle with the ‘Disney D’ hovering just next to him. On the reverse side we have the words ‘Walt Disney World’. I love the orange colour accents!

Next, we have a more stylized version of Cinderella Castle with nothing on the reverse side. Note that the ‘Disney D’ appears within the name of ‘Walt Disney World’ this time. This mug also has the Walt Disney Productions copyright, making it earlier than 1987.

Bottoms Up!

Both mugs have the Disneyland/Walt Disney World branding, even though the mugs were clearly made for only the one Park. They were also made in Japan while later merchandise was produced in China and other offshore locations. This is another way to determine what time period a particular piece of merchandise comes from.

Not all mugs are made the same! Check out my eclectic grouping of Fort Wilderness ‘Mugs’ and see if you remember any of these from your visits to Disney’s premier campground.

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