D23 Membership Document with Donald Duck

I was a member of the D23 community for a few years when it first began in 2009. I hung on but soon it just became an expense I couldn’t justify at the level I was buying into. I did enjoy the printed magazines and of course, the wonderful perks that came with each new year’s membership!

In 2011, I received this membership document featuring none other than Donald Duck in full Cosplay:

Mr. Iger and Mickey Mouse himself welcomed me to the club. As we take a look at each costume that Donald is wearing, let’s note whether he is pleased or peeved:

It’s a no brainer that he wouldn’t like having to dress as his archrival (and best friend) Mickey Mouse! But who knew that the duck was such a sci-fi fan?

Sometimes he looks neither pleased nor peeved, but rather a bit bewildered! But he’s back to his hap hap happy self for the rest of his fashion show:

But perhaps he’s just a little too happy to be cavorting around as Peter Pan?

I didn’t keep this document because it will ever be worth anything. But the artwork is so precious and funny it’ll have a place in my collection for years to come!

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