Mickey & Minnie Windshield Auto-Shade

Mickey has owned many different vehicles over the years. From old jalopies to race cars, he’s driven them all!

But what does he do when it’s time to park? Why, he uses a Mickey and Minnie windshield auto-shade, of course! Because even the happiest mouse on the planet can handle only so much sunshine in his face:

I should clarify: Mickey only uses this cardboard barrier when his car is parked!

Even when Mickey’s car is parked, it still looks like he is on the open road.

A nice and helpful feature of these auto-screens is that the backside has an emergency message. If you are stopped for a troublesome reason, simply flip your auto-screen around and help will be on its way.

It’s obvious this product was produced before every person on the planet had a cell phone!

If you need instructions on how to put a piece of cardboard in a window, should you be driving anyway?!?

I believe this was sold in the 1980s. It’s definitely a nice piece of nostalgia!

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