Bendable Mickey Mouse in Green Pants

Mickey looks good no matter what he is wearing. Over the years he has sported just about every outfit and costume imaginable! But when he wears his traditional wardrobe of buttoned pants, gloves, and shoes, you expect them to be a certain way.

And then you find something like this bendable Mickey Mouse in green pants:

He is wearing the proper white gloves and yellow shoes. But what’s with the green pants and the yellow buttons?

No matter what side you look at him from, you just can’t stop thinking of green eggs and ham! And just like the guy in that famous story, I don’t want these green pants, Sam I Am!

It’s not uncommon for licensees to play fast and loose with the characters they produce. In this case, the look of the character is good but the colours used for the clothing are wrong. The only thing you can say is that it adds variety to a collection!

The words on Mickey’s feet are hard to read, but I can see the ‘Disney’ copyright along with ‘Made in China’. The manufacturer is hard to make out, but I think it is Monogram located in Largo, Florida.

I only own one other type of Disney merchandise manufactured by Monogram, a set of Mickey Mouse Collectible Spoons.

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