Vintage Walt Disney World 4-Park Magnet

Things change and nowhere is that truer than at a Disney Theme Park. Walt Disney World has seen icons and attractions come and go, one of which is featured on the souvenir magnet featured in this post.

The original 130-foot Earffel Tower at Disney’s Hollywood Studios was located in the backstage area of the park. It was the original icon of the park (then-known as Disney-MGM Studios) from 1989 until 2001. But it lives on in this vintage Walt Disney World 4-Park magnet:

circa 1989 – early 90’s

The Earffel Tower was replaced as the DHS mascot by an enormous Mickey Sorcerer’s Hat that most people hated. It too disappeared, leading many to hope that the big water tower with the Mickey ears would return to prominence. No such luck!

Other icons on this magnet are Cinderella’s Castle (Magic Kingdom), Spaceship Earth (EPCOT), and some trees representing Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Most magnets will have a small magnetic disc on the back. Or if the magnet is made of a flexible material, then the whole back will be magnetic. This is different in that it’s a rigid magnet made of plastic but still has the entire back magnetized.

As beloved icons and attractions disappear, I’m glad that these little pieces of merchandise survive to remind us of what was!

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