Foodie Friday: Bangers & Mash in a Yorkshire Pudding Bowl

Don’t you just hate it when you forget to take a picture of your food before you start eating it? What will my Instagram followers think of me now? Well, I don’t have any, so I don’t care!

What I do care about is good food! And while in England recently, I ordered a traditional English meal, that being Bangers and Mash in a Yorkshire Pudding bowl. What’s that, you ask? Take a look:

Yum Yum!

Three large pork sausages on a bed of mashed potatoes swimming in gravy in a Yorkshire Pudding bowl with a side order of peas and carrots with diced onion. For the uninitiated to the weird and wonderful world of British cuisine, here is a definition of Yorkshire Pudding:

“A baked pudding (but not the Jell-O kind) made from a batter of eggs, flour, and milk or water. A common British side dish, it is a versatile food that can be served in numerous ways depending on its ingredients, size, and the accompanying components of the meal.”

When in Rome? Nope. When in Britian!

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