Primark Mrs. Potts Ceramic Display Tea Pot

With the passing of Angela Lansbury (1925-2022) it brings back to mind the many film and television roles she had over the years. But for me, it is her work with the Disney Company that stand out. And is any other character more iconic than Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast?

To commemorate her wonderful acting career, this post features a Mrs. Potts ceramic display tea pot distributed by Trimark Incorporated:

Most actors who are used to voice Disney animated characters are also used as inspiration for the design of the characters they portray. Can you see the likeness?

The packaging for this series of ceramic caricatures is quite nice:

This sold in 1997 for just twelve British Pounds! That’s just under $20 CAN. Even 25 years ago, that wasn’t bad.

Brewing a spot of tea was never so much fun!

Primark’s first store, still in operation, was opened in June 1969 on 47 Mary Street, Dublin under the Penneys brand. They are still in business today!

Manchester, England

Although my example of Mrs. Potts was bought in a Primark location in the UK, it is likely that it was sold in a variety of stores across Europe and also in North America.

“Alright, readers! Off to the cupboard with yer. It’s bedtime!”

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