Photo Spot: Hampton Court Palace Entrance Pillar

Experience the public dramas and private lives of Henry VIII, his wives and children in the world of the Tudor court. Admire Henry’s Great Hall and Tudor kitchens. Discover the spectacular baroque palace built for William III and Mary II and explore Hampton Court Palace’s outdoor spaces and 60 acres of magnificent gardens.”

There is no shortage of stately houses and grand castles in Europe. On a recent trip to England, we visited a few. Among them were the grounds of the Hampton Court Palace where I took a fancy to this entrance pillar:

I was drawn to this particular pillar because the armor is empty! Normally you would see a full figure of a soldier and not just his accoutrement. Somewhere there is a very chilly man!

If you’d like to visit this historic landmark the next time you’re in England slumming with British Royalty, the address is:

Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey, Surrey, KT8 9AU

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