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Photo Spot: Hampton Court Palace Entrance Pillar

“Experience the public dramas and private lives of Henry VIII, his wives and children in the world of the Tudor court. Admire Henry’s Great Hall and Tudor kitchens. Discover the spectacular baroque palace built for William III and Mary II and explore Hampton Court Palace’s … Continue reading

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Primark Mrs. Potts Ceramic Display Tea Pot

With the passing of Angela Lansbury (1925-2022) it brings back to mind the many film and television roles she had over the years. But for me, it is her work with the Disney Company that stand out. And is any … Continue reading

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Places: Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England. Archaeologists believe that Stonehenge was constructed from 3000 BC to 2000 BC. The site has been legally protected since 1882 but didn’t become an official heritage site until 1986. Stonehenge is not one of the original … Continue reading

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Foodie Friday: Bangers & Mash in a Yorkshire Pudding Bowl

Don’t you just hate it when you forget to take a picture of your food before you start eating it? What will my Instagram followers think of me now? Well, I don’t have any, so I don’t care! What I … Continue reading

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D23 Commemorative Pen – 90 Years of Disney

I love pens. In an age where almost everything is done on an electronic device, I still carry at least one, if not two, specialty pens with me. As a collector, there is nothing I can’t obsess over! I was … Continue reading

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Vintage Walt Disney World 4-Park Magnet

Things change and nowhere is that truer than at a Disney Theme Park. Walt Disney World has seen icons and attractions come and go, one of which is featured on the souvenir magnet featured in this post. The original 130-foot … Continue reading

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Bendable Mickey Mouse in Green Pants

Mickey looks good no matter what he is wearing. Over the years he has sported just about every outfit and costume imaginable! But when he wears his traditional wardrobe of buttoned pants, gloves, and shoes, you expect them to be … Continue reading

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Mickey & Minnie Windshield Auto-Shade

Mickey has owned many different vehicles over the years. From old jalopies to race cars, he’s driven them all! But what does he do when it’s time to park? Why, he uses a Mickey and Minnie windshield auto-shade, of course! … Continue reading

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D23 Membership Document with Donald Duck

I was a member of the D23 community for a few years when it first began in 2009. I hung on but soon it just became an expense I couldn’t justify at the level I was buying into. I did … Continue reading

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Pixar Dueling Heroes Wind-Up Racing Game

Planet Toys Inc. is responsible for this fun little oddity. We have two of Pixar’s main heroes dueling for wind up supremacy of the Rainbow Racetrack! I don’t know how I could make any more sense of that, so let’s … Continue reading

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