Mickey & Minnie Kitchen Merchandise

Both Mickey and Minnie Mouse have spent time in the kitchen in numerous Shorts over the years. Each has had varying success with what they were cooking! Maybe the results would have been better if they had these items of kitchen merchandise at their disposal:

Usually, the problem with mice cooking in the kitchen is the mess they make! But we could all benefit from some awesome and absorbent tea towels to wipe up the mistakes as we go along.

If you want to make something hot, be sure to use a pair of these:

For the well-dressed kitchen Diva who just doesn’t want to go for the full over-the-hand oven mitt, we have Mini Mitts! Or in this case, Minnie Mitts:

But now the cooking is done and it’s time to really clean up:

A kitchen can look like a bomb hit it after a cartoon character has finished cooking in it. What’s that you say? So does yours after you finish cooking? Then you too need these silicone scrubbers to scour off the baked-on crud!

Well, the cooking and cleaning is all done in Disney style. Bon Appetite!

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