Disneyland Teapot Salt & Pepper Shakers

I sure have a lot of salt and pepper shakers for someone who doesn’t really get excited about food. There’s nothing I can’t over season!

My latest set are these Disneyland teapot salt and pepper shakers:

The characters on the sides of the shakers would be considered Streetmosphere at a Disney Theme Park like Disneyland. Cast Members who walk around pretending to be period citizens of Main Street U.S.A. or whatever Park they inhabit.

The salt has five holes while the pepper only has four. Pepper is a stronger spice so one would want to shake less of it onto a meal at any one sitting.

Sleeping Beauty Castle is highly stylized on each shaker. I labeled these images as if the Castle was on the back. But it is just as likely that this would be the front, although they actually alternate sides if you reference the placement of the handle.

The thing to watch for when buying salt and pepper shakers, and piggy banks, is if they still have the original stoppers. Although these are pre-90s (some sources say as early as 1959, but I feel they are later than that) they have plastic stoppers. Older models would have had cork.

For the widest variety of shapes and sizes of Disney Salt & Pepper Shakers in my collection, just click the link and spice up your life!

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