Coco-Cola Movie Night for Two Gift Box

Coke or Pepsi. That is what really puts the world at odds today! For me it’s Coca-Cola hands down but your preference may vary.

Regardless of which black liquid you guzzle, you should still enjoy this Coca-Cola Movie Night for Two gift box:

For just $20.00 CAN I was able to obtain two popcorn containers, two bags of mini pretzels, two boxes of Junior Mints, and two packages of microwave popcorn. And a cool box with a nice ribbon for a handle.

In all honesty, I bought this gift set just to get the two popcorn buckets. But more on that later. In the meantime, I will be enjoying some salty and chocolatey snacks!

The popcorn buckets are pretty cheaply made of thin plastic and so aren’t microwave or dishwasher safe. But I don’t intend to actually use them. But more on that later.

Have you ever wondered why they bother to include “nutritional” facts for candy? It’s candy. It’s bad for you. I don’t need to read just how bad!

Okay, it’s later:

I have a vintage Disney Movie Stand upon which I have set up a Coca-Cola hot air popcorn popper right next to my Walt Disney World Popcorn box light. So, I figured what this display needed to complete it was a pair of themed popcorn buckets! And now I have them.

To see more comprehensive posts about the Disney Movie Stand and the Disney Popcorn Box Light and the Coco-Cola Popcorn Machine, just click the links!

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