Pepperidge Farm Special Edition Cheddar Goldfish

With none other than Mickey Mouse!

Disney has a long history of food tie-ins for its characters. From Donald Duck Orange Juice and Coke Bottles to Jelly Belly Jellybeans and Green Seedless Grapes, there just isn’t a food that the Mouse hasn’t nibbled on!

This particular treat appropriately features cheese:

The packaging is fun on at least three sides! The fourth side features the nutritional facts, and who laughs at those?

Mickey debuted in 1928 but was ‘on a break’ in 1962, as Friends Rachel and Ross would say, when the famous Goldfish cracker was introduced to the world.

For the kids there is a fun connect the dots challenge. Hurry, or Mickey won’t be able to hear you munching on the Goldfish!

You get two treats in every bag: The original Goldfish cracker and Hidden Mickey crackers with plant-sourced color.

Not enough for your bite-sized appetite? Then try the mega-box:

Now that will keep you in dry-mouthed bliss, and gasping for water, for days and days and days! Maybe even months, depending on the expiration date.

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