Disney Munchlings Sweet Treats Scented Plush

There is no end to the imagination found among the ranks of Disney Merchandise Sourcing & Distribution! This little Disney Munchlings Sweet Treats Scented Plush is just too cute and it smells as good as it looks. I bought this product at a Disney Store inside a Target store.

This line has eight possible toys found in a blind bag. I had hoped to get the Mickey Mouse as a cool mint candy, but Marie as a strawberry confection still satisfies my sweet tooth:

Each blind bag is $9.99 US which makes getting all eight an expensive undertaking! With tax, you’re looking at just over $90.00 US to get the set, but you can count on having to buy extra bags to find each plush. Best to buy eight bags and then use online selling sites to swap for the ones you are missing.

The packaging is quite inventive. I like that it is patterned after a bag you would get from a bakery after purchasing a real sweet treat.

Marie is made to resemble a wrapped candy:

These are small plushes that can fit easily in your hand. So, ten bucks might be a tad high for this product. Although they do have the scented aspect, so maybe the price is on point.

I was attracted to the packaging and the concept but primarily bought one bag just to see what it was all about and to provide content for the site. I don’t always shell out for such multiple marketing, but with this offering, I would have been satisfied with any of the characters, so I really couldn’t lose.

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