CARS Mini Racers RSN 3-Packs

I have an ever-growing collection of Pixar’s CARS die cast models. You can see how out of hand it’s getting by visiting my earlier post featuring a CARS 3 Racetrack Table. Complete with my regulation-sized characters.

But as my collection grows, I thought it might be nice to add a new dimension, a smaller dimension, to the mix. And so, I now have two CARS Mini Racers RSN 3-packs:

Starting with the Blue Team of Dinoco, we have Dinoco Lightning McQueen, Strip Weathers (AKA ‘The King’) and Gray. No, that’s not Mac! Gray is Strip Weathers’ hauler and a member of the Dinoco racing team. He is known for his large size.

These mini racers are just around the one-inch mark for size. I know they would like to be taken seriously, but they’re just too durn cute!

The Racing Sports Network (or RSN) seems to be a Disney/Pixar creation within the world of CARS. You can learn more about it by clicking the link.

And now on to my second set of Mini Racers:

I bought this set only for Hot Rod Mater! But it also includes Holley Shiftwell and Lightning McQueen with Racing Wheels.

I wasn’t enough for Disney to create myriads of versions of each CARS characters, they also had to do it in Color Changers, and now, Mini Racers! And I’m hooked again.

I picked up these sets for just $6.99 US at a Target store in Michigan.

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