Primark Chip Ceramic Display Mug/Teacup

This is one of three Primark ceramic display pieces that I am featuring on the site. They belong to a family member, not myself, but I would love to own them! You can see the Mrs. Potts by clicking the link.

Now we will switch from the mother to the son as we take a look at the little ‘boy’ with the distinctive feature, Chip:

So, why is Chip named ‘Chip’? It could be short for something, thus becoming a nickname. Obviously, it translates into a literal chip in his china when he becomes a cup. Mrs. Potts and Chip, and perhaps some others, turned into objects that related to their name. So, Mrs. Potts became a teapot and Chip became a teacup with an identifying chip in the side of it. Other theories relate to a chipped tooth in the child’s mouth when he becomes ‘Human Again!’, which might account for the nickname ‘Chip’, which he would have gotten fairly recently before the curse.

Nobody knows for sure, and Disney isn’t telling!

Primark lists this piece of merchandise as a ‘mug’ when in actuality it’s a teacup. Both mug and cup are types of drinkware used for consuming beverages though a mug is always bigger and thicker than a cup. All over the world, it is tea that is drunk from cups while mugs are usually reserved for coffee and hot chocolate or other hot beverages. Both are made of ceramic materials though they are also available in metallic and glass versions too.

As these are primarily intended for display purposes, and not everyday use, they are not suitable for the microwave or a dishwasher. Oh, and it’s not a toy. Just so we’re clear.

I love the packaging used for this line of merchandise. The characters from Beauty and the Beast are shown doing fun things reminiscent of the movie, but not necessarily from the movie.

“Hey, look what I can do!” – CHIP

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