Hotwheels Classic Batman TV Series Batboat

DC Comics Batman has so many vehicles it’s hard to keep track of them all! I’ve already featured the famous Batcopter on this site. Now it’s time to transition from the air to the water with the Hotwheels Classic Batman TV Series Batboat:

With trailer, no less!

Hold the Batphone, Batman! We need to fight crime on the open ocean. Let’s go back to the Batcave, hook up the Bat-trailer with the Batboat behind the Batmobile, tow it to the Batramp, launch it, and… too late. They got away.

I’m sure it all seemed like a good idea on paper.

Mattel has done a great job of recreating an authentic Batboat, in miniature. And as if Batman wasn’t cool enough already, his boat has flames on it!

Bat Turbines to Maximum!

The other problem I see with having a Batboat is the need to tow it to a harbor for launching using the Batmobile. The Batmobile shoots flames out of the back, as does the Batboat, and so would incinerate anything behind it!

Again, I don’t think this particular vehicle was thought through all the way.

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