Disney Doorables Mickey Years of Ears Figures

On a recent trip to the Disney Store within Target I found some unique items for sale. I’ve heard of the Doorables line before but didn’t really know what it was. To date, there are 62 figures to collect across 4 series.

I picked up this Special Edition Mickey Years of Ears Collection Peek:

Yes, it’s not a ‘pack’ but a ‘peek’. How adorable! I was attracted to these figures because they depict Mickey Mouse throughout the years of his career. The packaging is unique. Once you have the cover card off of the front you can open ‘doors’ to reveal the bags within:

Although each set comes with a Special Edition Certificate it is not numbered. So how limited this set is is not apparent.

Now it’s time for all our company to meet the many faces of Mickey:

The only figure that might not be obvious to some is the Technicolor one. Walt Disney Studios got involved with technicolor in the early 1930s. Technicolor had produced a new 3-color system; instead of just its usual red and green or blue, it now offered both green and blue at the same time. Disney was offered this new system and he eagerly accepted. Flowers and Trees was a huge success using the system. Disney secured a five-year contract for the use of the 3-color system for the rest of the Silly Symphonies. This effectively gave him an edge in the cartoon market. So, Technicolor is a pivotal part of Mickey’s history!

Cutie Patooties

The main feature of each figure is the sparkly, glittery, eyes. The photographs don’t pick this up for every figure, but they all have it.

It’s unlikely that I will collect any more of these figures but having The Mouse in eight moments of his career is a great addition to my shelves!

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