Tropico Diffusion French Goofy Frosted Glass

Who’s up for some fun with language? I found this wonderful piece at a charity shop recently and was immediately drawn to it because I had no idea what it was saying! You know, kind of like whenever Goofy speaks in general.

I did figure out that the language was French, and at least I knew it was a Goofy frosted collector’s glass:

Good luck finding this one on the All-knowing All-showing Internet! I have no idea of the age for this item, but we do have manufacturer. TROPICO DIFFUSION is a wholesale company based out of France. The company does still seem to be in business creating, among other things, frosted glasses with famous IPs on them.

Are you dying to know what it says? Read on:

“More relaxed… there is not!”

Being as this was likely released in France originally; this character would not have been known as ‘Goofy’. Claire Delavallée, a French native speaker and former translator, says this about why Goofy is called ‘Dingo’ in France:

‘Goofy’ is not only a name: before the character ever existed, goofy was an adjective. People who hear about the character immediately have an idea of his personality. In French, there’s no such word as ‘goofy’. It does not ring any bell. If Disney wants the French audience to feel close to the character, they need to give him a name to which we can relate. ‘Dingo’ is such a word: it is derived from the word ‘dingue’, which is an informal synonym for ‘crazy‘.”

It would appear either adjective describes our lovable goof!

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