Primark Lumiere Ceramic Display Tea Light Holder

candelabra is a candle holder with multiple arms. All the better for Lumiere, the castle Maitre’d, to get frisky with a feather duster in the politically incorrect world of Beauty and the Beast!

You can see Mrs. Potts and Chip by clicking the links, and then enjoy this Primark Lumiere ceramic display candelabra here:

Now is that the face of someone who would get frisky with a lady? Yes. Yes, it is. But in all fairness to Lumiere, the feather duster in question was his girlfriend and she seemed to appreciate the attention. I don’t recall the singing tea light holder bothering anyone else. He was a perfect gentleman with Belle!

‘Lumiere’ is a French word for ‘light’. Other words you could use might be spotlight, glow, luminary, and gleam. However you chose to define the word, the personality of this character is certainly sparkling!

Primark produced this line of Beauty and the Beast display pieces for collectors, and they are not to be used as toys for children. This one was introduced to the market in 1997. It would have sold for under $20 US dollars.

Thanks for being our guest today! Be assured we did not at any time think of you as:


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