Funko Train Conductor Mickey ‘The True Original’ Figurine

Walt Disney’s love of trains need not be discussed as it is so well known. Also well-known are the many roles involving trains, conductors, and engineers that Mickey Mouse has played!

So, when Funko introduced its ‘The True Original’ series of vinyl figures, Train Conductor Mickey was a no-brainer to be a part of the collection:

I’ve mistyped the title of this post as Train Engineer Mickey because of the way he is dressed. Even though he does have a lantern, which would traditionally be used by a Conductor, the striped overalls are more commonly connected with Engineers.

Mickey was 90 in the year 2018, making him 94 now, and soon to be 95. Perhaps he should consider retiring from the railway.

I’ve included the picture above for scale. These little guys are only 3″ tall.

There are twelve figures to collect in the series covering all of Mickey’s most iconic roles. I’m actively seeking Three Musketeer Mickey! Which is your favorite?

To see one more figure in this line, check out my Explorer Mickey by clicking the link!

But if it’s Mickey playing with trains that fuels your firebox, check out Mickey’s Western Choo Choo Train or the Mickey Express Merry Miniatures train set. Both posts are now boarding!

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