Walt Disney Presents Goofy’s TV Spectacular LP

Oh, what I suffer through to provide content for this site! Groan. Actually, I kind of like torturing myself with these awful compilation LPs from the past. Kind of.

And they don’t get much more awfuler than Goofy’s TV Spectacular LP:

First of all, have Mickey and Donald been watching TV for a little too long? They have a crazed look in their eyes! Or are they suffering through this LP too?

When I first played this LP, I thought they used a non-Disney voice actor for Goofy, as his voice just wasn’t ‘on model’. His signature laugh definitely sounded wrong! But the record does feature the voice of Pinto Colvig in one of his last performances as Goofy.

I’ve included a snippet from Side 1 that features many ‘attempts’ at the laugh:

Goofy and His Laughs

Some of the tracks on the album are recycled from other releases with a few new offerings. Of course, all of Goofy’s dialogue is only found on this release.

Side 1, Track 4, is called Happy Mouse and may be a very early recording by Walt himself. It also feels ‘wrong’ but I’ll include it here as well so you can make you own conclusion:

Happy Mouse

This track was also included on the 1968 LP entitled Mickey and His Friends. But it appeared before that on Goofy’s album back in 1964! If it was recorded by Walt Disney himself, then we could likely say with some confidence that this song was recorded originally sometime in the 1950s. Walt stopped voicing Mickey in 1946 or 47, turning the chore over to Jim Macdonald. But he did return to voice the mouse for the original Mickey Mouse Club (for the intros) from 1955 to 1959. So, he could have slipped in ‘Happy Mouse’ during this time.

Another familiar hit is by Ludwig Von Drake called the Rutabaga Rag which is actually from the 1962 animated featurette A Symposium on Popular Songs.

The rest of the LP is simply Goofy being goofy. He tells jokes, sings medleys, and introduces a few too many mosquitos! Side 2, Track 5, is entitled Goofy Goes Dixieland, and some believe the band used for this tune is none other than the Firehouse Five + Two.

The Disney Wiki records that many elements in Goofy’s story recorded on the album come from Pinto Colvig’s own life. For example, Goofy names his hometown as Jayville, Oregon, a nod to Colvig’s hometown of Jacksonville. Goofy performs an act in which he plays four clarinets at the same time (Side 1, Track 7), which was based on one of Colvig’s circus acts.

To conclude, this LP is badly damaged. It is scratched and skips, and the cover is basically wrecked. I bought it for $5.00 CAN just to hear the elements featuring Goofy. Amazingly, a mint-condition copy, still sealed, sold for $60.00 US back in 2018! Apparently, I’m not the only one with ‘taste’.

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