Pin Trading: Trading Around the World U.S. 66 Pin

I love a mystery. Oh sure, I could have asked all about it from the nice lady I bought this from, but what’s the fun in that?

This is a very nice Route 66 shield pin from the Trading Around the World series:

What I’m not sure about is why it is marked as ‘Pin Trading Around the World’ instead of ‘Pin Trading Disney Parks’ as other pins I have on card are. Did Disney change the logo at some point? Is the ‘Around the World’ tagline a reference to World Showcase in Epcot?

Even research on the all-knowing Internet didn’t yield definitive answers to these questions. I did find some examples for sale and came across another possibility for where this pin comes from. One Seller claims it comes from Disney’s California Adventure Park. So, it would have been sold in Cars Land.

This makes sense as the Pixar movie Cars was set along the famous highway.

Enlarging the image above I see that the date for this pin is likely 2016. This checks out, as Cars Land opened in 2012. But it doesn’t explain the ‘Around the World’ tagline. Oh well.

Whatever its origins, I love this pin!

For more fun along the Mother Road, check out this real beaut of a Butte in Cars Land and also play along with us with our Route 66 Opoly Game. If you win, I won’t flip the board!

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