CAA Magazine: Disney ‘Magic in the Making’ Article

I love collecting ephemera, paper pieces that are made to be discarded after use, so that I can reference them later. Often, articles like the one in this CAA Magazine can be quite informative, or at least provide a snapshot in time.

So, what does this Disney ‘Magic in the Making’ article have to tell us that we are expected to forget as soon as we throw away the magazine? Let’s have a look:

Most people around the world think Canada is perpetually covered in snow and magazine covers like this aren’t helping! Just for some perspective: There is no snow on the ground where I live at this time! Just everywhere in the media when showing my country.

Disney didn’t make the cover but did get four pages inside:

The debate rages on as to whether Disney still has any magic to offer. What with rising prices, diminished attractions, and overly complicated reservation protocols. Bob Iger is now back in as CEO of the company and so many are hoping for a return of the old magic!

We’ll have to wait and see what happens. While we wait, we can read about some of the promises being made:

Pages 1 and 2 of the article focus on the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World, telling us about some of the new offerings within the Park. We are told to use a Travel Agent to plan ahead, and I can confirm that this is the only way to have a successful Disney trip these days. DO NOT go it alone! Next, we’re helped to determine which of the worldwide Disney Resorts would be best for our families to visit.

Page 3 shifts gears from the Parks to other Disney vacation options. Disney Cruise Line and Adventures by Disney are highlighted as viable alternatives.

The article ends by again recommending a Travel Agent along with proper travel insurance. As someone who has booked both with and without an agent, I highly recommend using an agent! You’ll thank me later.

To go back to the beginning of Walt Disney World, check out my copy of LIFE Magazine that has an extensive article on the impending arrival of the Park in Florida and the turmoil that prospect brought to the fine but timid people of the region.

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