Pin Trading: Disney Parks Humphrey Bear Pin

For years I remembered a cartoon with a bear who had to pick up some trash but didn’t want to. He went through many antics trying to get out of it! But what I remembered most was the catchy song that went along with it. It wasn’t until much later in my life that I learned that this bear was named Humphrey and that the 1956 Short in question was In the Bag by Walt Disney.

Humphrey also appeared in the television intro to the Original Mickey Mouse Club as one of the holders of the net used to toss Mickey into the air. Obviously, I have a man crush on this bear! So, when I saw this Disney Parks Humphrey Bear pin, I just had to have it:

First you stick a rag, put it in the bag, bump-bump,
Then you bend your back, put it in the sack, bump-bump,
That’s the way it’s done – it’s a lot of fun, bump-bump,
Cuttin’ capers, puttin’ papers in the bag.

The song featured in In The Bag was so popular that Disney released a version of it (with similar instrumentation and different vocals) as a single, “The Humphrey Hop”.

And now back to the pin:

Instead of putting prices on the cards, Disney is smart and uses a colour code. This pin is Green. But the actual price? That’s the smart part: Disney changes it often, always to a higher price, so you’ll never know until you get to the register! Actually, they do have signs around most pin shops with a chart showing the colours along with their current pricing. Newbies to the program might not notice those, however.

For more fun with Humphrey, check out an old post by guest contributor Nick entitled Humphrey the Bear Vinylmation – Animation Series.

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