Disney / Pixar CARS Radiator Springs Play Mat

Well, it’s race day on the site and we’re off and running with another look at the world of CARS. Radiator Springs went from nowhere to somewhere when Lightning McQueen mistakenly drove into town one dark night.

Three movies, several Shorts, and a few series on Disney+ later, and the characters of this fictional town are still driving through our lives and away with our money! Yes, there has been no end to the merchandise that this franchise has spawned!

Case in point, I give you the CARS Radiator Springs play mat:

24″ x 31″

This little beauty was sold on ShopDisney / The Disney Store and is now sold for $24.99 US at Target stores in the United States.

The set includes a Lightning McQueen vehicle with pull-back action, ramp, three hay bales, and the Radiator Springs Play Mat.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the details:

Most of the iconic structures are present and accounted for. And you have a couple of cow-tractors thrown in for authenticity. Remember, tractor tipping is punishable by Frank.

I assume the circles are to be used like targets. If you push McQueen down the ramp, you could try to have him stop on the circle? I’m not quite sure of the game play aspects of this product.

I am the Master, or at least a very good apprentice, at repurposing. Just as I took a Cars3 Racing Table and turned it into a display surface for my growing die cast CARS collection, I have found a new use for this play mat:

What do you do when you’re running out of room? Expand! For just $4.99 CAN, I now have 6 square feet more space to add characters to!

It was this or painting the floor. I believe I made the right choice. Just ask my wife.

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