Classic Series Hotwheels Diecast Batmobiles

Today there is a new Dynamic Duo in Gotham City! One is big and powerful and the other is smaller and arguably cuter. Move over Batman and Robin, there’s a new Power Couple in town:

The Original Series Batmobile is almost universally touted to be the coolest, sexiest, and most iconic vehicle ever designed! George Barris outdid even himself when he put pencil to paper to design this masterpiece of automotive history.

Now, the guy who reinterpreted the car into a mini version didn’t do so bad either:

At just 2″ long, this version of the Classic Series Batmobile is just too awesome for words. So, I’ll stop typing…

And I’m back. This was released in 2021 by Mattel as number 3 in a series of 5 vehicles. If you’d like to see a version of the Batcopter or Batboat, not necessarily from this particular series, just click the links.

But no post about the Classic Series Batmobile would be complete without a look at the most recognizable sculpt. You may want to chant the Bat theme music while you look at it:

This is 3″ long and has been released many times so no year is stamped on the bottom. But we know that this look first appeared on television screens in 1966.

In the original television series, Batman was more like The Colorful Knight instead of the Dark Knight. He had some brighter colors on his costume, and these are reflected in the mini Batmobile. The ‘full-sized’ version maintains the classic black with red accents look.

Honestly now, which do you prefer? Would you like to see the 3″ version decked out in the 2″ version coloring?

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