Mickey Mouse and His Friends LP Record

It’s time for another wonderfully awful compilation of music, jokes, and songs designed for the very young or those who are easily entertained.

Behold in all its glory the Mickey Mouse and His Friends LP record:

Released in 1968, this LP contains a mish mash of assorted tracks taken from older albums or, in some cases, reworked versions of older songs.

Side 1

We start with the Happy Mouse song, perhaps voiced by Walt Disney himself. For more on that, please check out Goofy’s TV Spectacular LP and listen for yourself. You can also hear a reworked version of the Laugh Laugh Laugh piece found on Side 2 of this album.

Back to Side 1, we next have the Donald Duck Song, which is quite famous. Next is this little number:

Quack! Quack! Quack! Donald Duck

The middle of the side is filled with compilation music featuring Chip and Dale and other vintage characters. These tracks feature material from old Shorts. The side ends with:


Side 2

We start with the aforementioned Goofy gags bit before moving on to this fun song written and performed by the adult leader of the Mickey Mouse Club, Jimmie Dodd:

Pussy Cat Polka

Side 2 concludes with two versions of the Mickey Mouse March, one with a Latin flare. The music on this LP is fun, but it will mainly appeal to 3 to 5 year olds. No sophisticated material here!

Why I mainly buy these albums, apart from the weird musical content, is for the artwork and liner notes. This album was released to commemorate the creation of Mickey Mouse in 1928. So, he would be 40 years old at the time of release. Mickey himself gives an overall look at his life and times from the fictious story about his inspiration to his international fame.

Some standout features from the text are a list of his names from around the World. And he concludes with a nice message about harmony.

Yes, Disneyland Records threw together another dilly of an album with this piece of black vinyl!

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