Disney’s The Dick Tracy Game by University

Dick Tracy was released as a live-action movie in 1990 by Touchstone Pictures. It’s based on the comic strip created by Chester Gould and was directed by Warren Beatty, who also starred as the main character.

Did it do well at the Box Office? Yes. Was it critically acclaimed? Well, it won three Academy Awards. Was it fun? Yup! Does anyone remember it? Nope. But it did spawn quite a few pieces of merchandise worth taking a look at. Case in point is Disney’s The Dick Tracy Game by University Games:

Circa 1990

The standout feature of this game are the graphics. They pay homage to the original artwork of the comic strip while updating things a bit to match the new movie look.

The board is a basic design where you move tokens around a path the number of spaces determined by the throw of a die. This game uses cards to determine further movements and outcomes.

Speaking of how to play, check out the instructions:

To summarize: You catch criminals to get Crime Points with which you win the game. A cool element of play is the Hideout Packets wherein you place a Criminal Card, a Crime Card, and a Weapon Card, in that order. During play, you can choose to fight a criminal. If you do so, you open the Hideout Packet and check what weapon he has. You can chicken out at this point! If you choose to go ahead and fight the dastardly villain, you spin the Weapon Spinner and hope to land on a better weapon than the criminal. If you do, you win, and he is captured. If you lose, you go to the Hospital and lose a turn.

The rules are too numerous to completely summarize here but suffice to say you use other cards to move yourself forward to ultimate victory. The game ends when all of the criminals are captured.

This game is for ages 8 and up and 2 to 6 players can enjoy the crime spree!

Will we ever see a sequel? It doesn’t look promising as Warren Beatty has been embroiled in legal battles over the rights to the franchise ever since the first movie came out. The last time we’ve heard anything about a sequel seems to be from 2016. For all intents and purposes, it looks like the criminals have managed to beat Dick Tracy after all, at least cinematically!

FUN FACTS: One of the most famous characters from the movie, Mumbles played by Dustin Hoffman, isn’t represented in the game.

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