Schmid Donald Duck Crossing Guard Figurine

Donald Duck has had so many occupations. Some could arguably be said to have been a good fit for our ill-tempered friend.

And then there is the Schmid Donald Duck Crossing Guard figurine, and we are introduced to one occupation that is definitely not suited to a duck with zero patience:

If you look closely you can see what looks like an expression of one who is a bit perturbed. This might not be entirely Donald’s fault, as the little turtle is probably taking his time crossing the road!

If you look closely from the side however, it looks like Donald is actually smiling! Maybe the cuteness of the turtle has melted his heart and put out the fire of his trademark anger?

The Walt Disney Company is a trademark used since 1986, so this figurine is from after that date. It was made by Schmid and manufactured in Taiwan.

Maybe if Donald wants the turtle to hurry it up, he should turn the sign around to say ‘GO’ instead of holding up the ‘STOP’ side!

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