Disney Parks ‘Oh Boy!’ Peppermint Mints Tin

When I was frequenting Walt Disney World, I was a merchandise fool! My vacation was half attractions and half buying stuff. After a while, I had to slow down to give my pocket book a chance to recover. But I still wanted to get something to remember each trip by!

Enter the inexpensive Disney Parks ‘Oh Boy!’ Peppermint Mints tin:

These little mints are great for carrying around the Parks. If you get a little peckish you can pop a few in your mouth and they will tide you over until your reservation for a meal is available.

This tin really stood out for me! The artwork is dynamic and colourful. I don’t know what the artist was going for, but I think Mickey is having a Brain Storm!

Most candy tins at the Disney Parks open on a hinge. This one has a lid that has to be pried off. It is quite thick, almost like it is intended to be insulated, which isn’t the case.

By law every food item must list the nutritional facts and ingredients. Fair enough. But do I need to know that it doesn’t have any fat, sodium, fiber, sugars, protein, calcium, iron, or potassium? No. No I don’t. Just tell me what it does have! In this case: 1 lonely gram of carbs.

But nothing says “Yum!” like good ol’ magnesium stearate! It’s also got that.

For more fun with little metal tins with mints in them, check out my earlier post featuring a whole bunch of Collectible Souvenir Candy Tins.

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