The Lion King ‘Simba’ Ceramic Figurine

Lions. They are large cats of the genus Panthera native to Africa and India. They hang out in prides that consist of a few adult males, related females, and cubs. And who is the most famous cub of them all?

Simba. This name literally means ‘lion’ in African. In shona, a language spoken in Zimbabwe, Simba means ‘Power’. Seems fitting!

The subject of this post is the Lion King ‘Simba’ ceramic figurine:

A face anyone could love!

This figurine is fairly basic but well crafted. It is approximately 6″ long and 4″ tall. It is likely hand painted if the facial features are any indication.

Simba bears no trademarks or manufacturers stamp. So who produced it and when is all but impossible to ascertain. One can only assume it was part of a larger set featuring other key characters from the animated film.

Check out this plastic Simba Bank, or Simbank, owned by our occasional contributor, Nick.

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