Mattel ‘Masters of Malice’ Captain Hook Doll

It must have seemed like a winning idea at the time. Back in 1999, Mattel released the first in a series of the ‘Masters of Malice’ dolls with Captain Hook from the animated classic film Peter Pan.

Who was the second Master to emerge? There wasn’t one. I don’t know why this line didn’t take off as it is wonderfully realized:

I’ve kept my Captain in his plastic cell, or brig, since I ‘captured’ him. It’s very tempting to let him out so his full villainy can be on display.

Okay, I gave him a day pass so we can get a better look at his finery and accoutrements:

The level of detail on this doll is astounding! Mattel really did go back to the source material and do it justice. Which is more than the Captain deserves. But note the shoe buckle featuring the famous pirate skull and crossbones. The lace. The hook. It’s almost too much!

The back of the box gives a nice spiel about the movie, the character, and the inspiration that led to the making of the doll.

I can’t show you the Certificate of Authenticity without half destroying the packaging. I’ve looked on line and it appears that every other jailer of the Captain has made the same decision.

For more fun and piracy on the high seas, check out my Captain Hook Pirate Ship Snow Globe. If you hurry, you can swab the deck!

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