Melody House ‘Adventures in Sound’ LP Record

I collect vintage sound effect albums. Discovering how the sounds heard in old radio programs or animated cartoons were created is just too much fun to miss! Usually I find official soundtracks from actual sound effects studios, but this time, I found something a little different.

Behold the weirdness that is the Melody House ‘Adventures in Sound’ LP Record:

I could try to explain to you what this is, but maybe it would be better if it came from the folks who created it. So here is the opening monologue by Jerry Caspell:

Introduction – Side One

In a nutshell, throughout the record, Mr. Caspell introduces a type of sound. It could be loud, scary, or related to a location or occupation. Then he plays the sound, and afterwards, names the sound.

Here is a brief clip from Side Two to illustrate:

Store and Office Sounds

It would be a greater challenge for youngsters today to figure out what the sounds are being as almost all of the office equipment featured in this segment are obsolete. Things like rotary phones, ticking clocks, and a wagon, haven’t been a part of everyday life for decades!

I hope you enjoyed that! But now it’s time to wrap up the record, so I’ll turn things back over to Mr. Caspell for some concluding thoughts:

Conclusion – Side Two

I can only imagine how much fun it must have been for young children to close their eyes and try to guess the sounds they were hearing!

The writer, Sharron Lucky, may be a woman of 82 years old today living somewhere in the United States, or not. And Jerry Caspell may be a man still creating music who can be found at where you can hear what he is doing currently. I’ve reached out via email to him, but as yet have not gotten a response. It’s not easy tracking such people down after so long a time!

This album was released in 1970 making it over 52 years old!

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