Vintage Nanco / Sababa Muppets Beaker Plush

Beaker is a puppet character who first appeared on The Muppet Show in 1978. He is a shy, long-suffering assistant for Muppet Labs. He has a face only a lab technician with no eyes and coke bottle glasses could love. Yes, “Doctor Bunsen Honeydew has definitely found himself an unusual specimen spawned from some demented petri dish in this weirdo!” – Sam the Eagle

And I have two strange apparitions of this gawky beanpole to share with you today:

The first plush stands a whopping 36″ tall. He has a red ribbon / loop on the back of his head which I use to attach him to the wall. In this way, he looks like he is standing. The manufacturer is Nanco.

Nanco is not exactly ‘in business’ but a search will take you to the Rhode Island Novelty website where you can purchase plush produced by Nanco. They do have many different IPs but don’t appear to currently be offering anything from Disney, including the Muppets.

The other plush stands only 20″ tall and has a few differences from his big twin brother. Most notably is the shade of the lab coats and the colour of the pants. I’ve included a picture of them together, below center, for scale:

Our little Beaker is made by Sababa Toys Inc., a company that is still alive and well and producing toys for children, educational toys, and play toys, according to this website portal. You can click on each heading to be redirected to other websites for purchasing.

I captured the image above during our photo shoot for this post. Big Beaker was just chillaxin’ while craft services prepared him a beverage. It must be said that although he looks amicable, Beaker definitely lets everyone know that it’s all about “Mee-mee-mee mee”!

What’s better than two Beakers? How about a third one! Check out this link for a life-sized Beaker too creepy (but funny) for the Internet!

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