Walt Disney World Castle Salt & Pepper Shakers

So much food to season, so little time! The British comedian Michael McIntyre does a routine wherein he chronicles the angst that exists among spices. The whole bit relies on the fact that salt and pepper are the main spices of choice, leaving all of the other spices in the cupboard to lament the unfair treatment.

Have you ever seen a collection of Paprika shakers? No. I didn’t think so. But everywhere, including on this site, you can find an infinite number of:

These Walt Disney World Castle salt and pepper shakers are typical of the souvenirs sold on Park properties since it opened in 1971. They would have been packaged thusly:

Disney released a set of Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Vault Collection replicas in 2021. While it’s nice that these old items are now available again, I wish they would stamp them as replicas instead of just mentioning it on the packaging. It could happen that unscrupulous Sellers could claim that they are vintage and deceive Buyers.

Another thing to watch for is mismatched sets. Always check the top of each shaker. One should have four holes while the other should have six. I have purchased a set of Orange Bird shakers and missed checking for this feature. You can click the link for a more detailed discussion on this matter.

I also will not purchase shakers unless they have the original stoppers in the bottom.

This image of Cinderella Castle is pretty stock and appears on just about every form of ceramic collectible you can image! The shape of the shaker is also reused with many other images printed on them, such as the Orange Bird shakers featured in the link above.

FUN FACTS: Disneyland features Sleeping Beauty Castle because Walt wanted to promote his upcoming Princess movie. Subsequent castles were named for Cinderella, perhaps one of Disney’s most popular Princesses.

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