Mickey & Goofy Grid Black & White Mug

Sometimes the simplest designs can be the best. This basic black and white mug with Mickey and Goofy peeking out from squares arranged in a grid pattern is fun and imaginative:

I also like the flourish on the handle featuring Mickey’s iconic gloves and Goofy’s equally iconic hat.

The bottom of the mug is branded as ‘Disney’ and tells us the usual about microwaves and dishwashers. It was made in China.

The mug was produced for Disney by R Squared as part of the Zrike Brands line. The website features a large selection of Disney kitchen ware but also offers other IPs as well.

For perhaps the weirdest Disney-themed mug in my collection, check out the Mr. Potato Head Barker mug from Midway Mania. But don’t try to pour any hot liquids into him. He may call you a Hockey Puck!

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