Precious Moments ‘Keeping It Wheel’ Figurine

Disney has partnered with just about every company, artist, and gimmick known to the Marketing Universe. And we all love it!

This Precious Moments ‘Keeping It Wheel’ figurine is an excellent example of when the synergy between Disney and another brand just works:

What makes this so much fun is that the little boy is driving Lightning McQueen even though humans don’t exist in the CARS Universe. I’d like to think that maybe this is meant to be a peddle car. I had a little red peddle sports car as a child so this piece brings back fond memories for me!

As always with Precious Moments merchandise, the level of detail is quite nice, but a little rough in the realization. The casting process leaves a bit of a textured surface.

Prior to 1981 these figurines didn’t have a production mark. But starting in 1981 Precious Moments assigned a new mark for each year on all new releases. The one stamped on the bottom of this piece is from 2012 and is a box with a bow. It’s interesting that the trademark year for this Disney Showcase Collection figurine is 2011, a year earlier.

Obviously the title of this piece, Keeping It Wheel, is a play on words from the popular phrase ‘Keeping It Real’.

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