The Dukes of Dixieland at Disneyland LP Record

I do like me some Dixieland Jazz! You can see my earlier post featuring perhaps one of the most famous Dixieland bands, The Firehouse Five Plus Two at Disneyland, by clicking the link.

The Dukes of Dixieland was a Firehouse Five contemporary American, New Orleans “Dixieland”-style revival band, originally formed in 1948 by the Assunto brothers. Like the FF, they called it quits in the 1970s (1974 to be precise). The Assunto family has denied giving away permission to use the band name with the new line-ups still out there, none of which include any of the original musicians. So beware of imitations!

I enjoy finding links to Disney in odd ways, such as this rather obscure LP record. Disneyland started hosting the Dixieland Jazz Festival in 1955 with only three bands! In 1959 the music was transferred to the Mark Twain riverboat and the festival was really off and… floating. Keeping with the water theme, The Dukes of Dixieland took to a Tom Sawyer raft in 1962 to add their musical voice to the festival.

The tracks for this LP record were more likely recorded during their performances at the Plaza Gardens, however.

While the Firehouse Five tends to add more humor to their sets and play with an irreverence that gives them a unique sound and presence, the Dukes tend to be a bit more serious. Their songs are played with a more measured timing and perhaps ‘traditional’ approach.

Here is a brief taste:

Initial Introduction and Song Clip

Although these two bands recorded for about the same amount of years, it seems that the Dukes released more albums. They were nothing if not prolific!

I like that the original band was made up of two brothers and their father. They formed a lasting foundation for what would become a revolving member roster. But this is typical of all bands.

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