Wallace & Gromit Dog Shoulder Bag

Wallace & Gromit is a British stop-motion animation franchise created by Nick Park of Aardman Animations. Gromit is the long-suffering dog of the pair. He is largely silent with no dialogue, communicating through facial expressions and body language. Usually consternation, frustration, and outright disbelief at the ineptitude of his master, Wallace!

But he has a heart of gold and is the most trustworthy protector any man has ever had. So you can be sure that if you place your valuables inside this Gromit dog shoulder bag, they will be safe:

I noticed that Gromit looks like he is in different moods depending upon which side you view him from. But I think the frustration eyes from the front best represents his most common look!

This Gromit shoulder bag is approximately 14″ long by 20″ high without the strap. It was made in 1989 by the Giftware International Ltd. company for Aardman Animations group.

So although your valuables will be safe and sound within Gromit, it is apparent that they had better consist of just a few small things!

For more fun with Wallace & Gromit, and Shawn the Sheep, check out my collection of Funko Pop! figurines featuring the intrepid trio. They’re better than a block of Wensleydale cheese!

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